Dry Blueberry Wine






Residual Sugar


Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards

Hernando County, Western Florida

Vineyard Practices:


Tasting Notes

This wine has all the flavors of ripe blueberries that fill ones mouth with that blueberry fruitiness and complexity, yet finishes with a clean dry ending. The contrast of the blueberry fruit with its dry finish, is the secret.

About The Wine

Our Family loves this wine with Pizza, especially perreroni. This wine is also a great match for mole sauces, and black bean soup.

About The Winery

Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards is located in western Florida. In the historic city of Brooksville.
Our winery & vineyards are located on one of the highest elevations in the State of Florida at 275 feet above sea level. 

We enjoy the sultry breezes off the Gulf of Mexico; where we grow native Muscadine (Vitis Rotundifolia) and Hybrid varieties of wine grapes.

Our Family practices Biodynamic farming methods in our vineyards; and we have a policy of minimal intervention and sustainable agricultural methods to preserve the environment and insure the complex flavors that make each vintage unique.

We invite you to visit the winery…and become part of the family!