Our Family practices Biodynamic farming methods in our vineyards; and we have a policy of minimal intervention and sustainable agricultural methods to preserve the environment, and insure the complex flavors that make each vintage unique.


A rich, floral deep bouquet. A mouth feel that is full and lingering, yet soft across the pallet. This Rosé has a full array of cherry, raspberry, & hints of strawberry flavors.


Sweeter in style, but certainly not cloying. Honey and grapefruit on the nose. On the palate, honey, apricots with a hint of white grapes, and a slightly tart grapefruit finish. A hearty, viscous mouth feel.


This wine begins with a large blossoming bouquet of full floral scents and a variety of wildflower fragrances. It follows with a steady burst of truly unique grape flavors.

Sicilian Punch

This wine is a soft blend of orange and peach flavor with sweet luscious grape wine, best served chilled.


This wine has a long lasting fruity finish. Made from Noble Muscadine, with hint of sweetness.